Request Zone / Zona de Pedidos

Ver. ESP

>En este lugar podras hacer tus pedidos de musica anime (Solo Musica Anime OP,ED,OST) .
>>Los pedidos musicales se subiran al cabo de una semana  realizado el pedido.
>>Se cumpliran en orden de llegada.
>>Se cumpliran 4 pedidos a la semana No mas.

Ver. ENG

>>In this place you can make your orders of anime music (Only Music Anime OP, ED, OST).
>>Musical orders will be uploaded within a week of the order.
>>They will be fulfilled in order of arrival.
>>There will be 4 orders per week No more.

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  • lucas luciano

    Hi can you please upload the ost of Neo Angelique Abyss ?
    I really like the ost of the anime and if have a chance i wish to have
    thank you

  • Analizth Márquez

    hi, can you upload the songs of Classicaloid?, sorry if i have a bad english, thank you

  • Pajama7

    Hi! Could you please upload the album Cider no Shikumi by CIDERGIRL? Thank you so much… >.<

    • Hello, in the orders says that I will only order anime music. Not albums of artists, just for this occasion I will.
      In other cases they will be removed from the comments.

      Orden Completed

      • Pajama7

        Ah, I understand… But thank you so much for doing this!!! >.<

  • daisycow5

    I was wondering if you could please upload the album “Magic-Kyun! Renaissance Original Sound Track Music-Kyun♪ memories” from Magic-Kyun Renaissance?

    All the albums I’ve found online only contain 3 song from the second disk but i would really love to get the whole 2 disks please!

    Thank you!

    • Hello, sorry can not find the complete ost only those you mention 🙁 .

      • daisycow5

        That’s Alright, I was kinda guessing that it would be hard to find because its a new anime.
        I’ll try looking for it a bit later!

  • Pikachu 87

    podrian poner el opening y ed de estos dos animes porfas
    No Game No Life
    Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

  • Julio Antonio Garcia

    chicos podrian subir el soundtrack de RE-KAN??? no lo he podido encontrar en ningun lugar u_u

    • Umm no tiene soundtrack solo tiene OP & ED mas 3 Character Song

      Re-Kan! – Character Song : Uehara & Esumi
      Re-Kan! – Character Song : Hibiki Amami
      Re-Kan! – Character Song : Inoue & Ogawa

      Si te parece bien los subo.

  • Pikachu 87

    podrian subir los op y ed de estos animes.
    Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance
    una pregunta cuantos pedidos puedo hacer

  • Luis Fernandez

    hola podrían subir los op y soundtrack de card captor sakura y saint seiya se los agradecería arto

  • Oцмд Ѕнц

    Hola, podrían subir el OP de Plastic memories (Ring of Fortune) y el ED (Asayake no Starmine) de antemano gracias. 🙂

  • Starjio

    Hey, think you could find “Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsumeawase” ? I just can´t seem to find it.

  • Pikachu 87

    Hola, podrias subir los Op y Ed de estos animes. Gracias
    >Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu
    >Sword Art Online
    >Rosario + Vampire

  • Charlie Ishak

    Please add aqours azalea,guity kiss,and cyaron’s newest song

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