Aikatsu Planet! Featured Songs Vol.3 Twilight Evening

Aikatsu Planet! Featured Songs Vol.3 Twilight Evening


Album/Single: Aikatsu Planet! Featured Songs vol.3 Twilight Evening
テレビ番組『アイカツプラネット!』挿入歌シングル3 Twilight Evening

Genre: Anime
File Size:

Format: Mp3 / 320 Kbps
Release Date: May 26, 2021

M-01 – Vocals: Ruli, Meisa from STARRY PLANET☆ (Rio Ogura, Narumi Uno)
M-02 – Vocals: Mao, Meisa from STARRY PLANET☆ (Kahya Date, Narumi Uno)
M-03: Ann, Sara from STARRY PLANET☆ (Amy, Rurika Uno)
M-04: Shiori, Sara from STARRY PLANET☆ (Rion Watanabe, Rurika Uno)
M-05 Vocals: Mao, Shiori from STARRY PLANET☆ (Kahya Date, Rion Watanabe)


01 Inner Voice
02 レディ・レディ・レディ
03 プチプラEveryday
04 プチプラEveryday
05 ココロノトモ
06 Inner Voice (off vocal)
07 プチプラEveryday (off vocal)
08 ココロノトモ (off vocal)

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