ASa Project Vocal Collection: My lovers story

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Album/Single: ASa Project Vocal Collection: My lovers story 
Artist: V.A
Genre: Game
File Size:

Format: Mp3 / 320 Kbps
Release Date: May 02, 2020

M01 – “Meikuru! Welcome to Happy Maid Life!!” Theme Song
Vocal: rian
M02 – “Hime Nochi Honey” Theme Song
Vocal: Mayu
M03 – “ATCHI MUITE KOI” Theme Song
Vocal: NANA
M04 – “ATCHI MUITE KOI” Ending Theme
Vocal: anporin
M05 – “Love 0 kilometers” Theme Song
Vocal: Yui Sakakibara
M06 – “Love 0 kilometers” Ending Theme
Vocal: anporin
M07 – “Hitotsutobashi Renai” Theme Song
Vocal: NANA
M08 – “Hitotsutobashi Renai” Ending Theme
Vocal: Hagumi Nishizawa
M09 – “PURAMAI WARS” Ending Theme
Vocal: Manaca
M10 – “Suki to Suki tode Sankaku Renai” Theme Song
Vocal: Sayaka Sasaki
M11 – “Suki to Suki tode Sankaku Renai” Ending Theme
Vocal: Manaca
M12 – “Karigurashi Renai” Theme Song
Vocal: Hana
M13 – “Karigurashi Renai” Ending Theme
Vocal: piquet
Vocal: Rin’ca
Vocal: piquet


01 Shining days♪
02 HimeのちHoney
03 マル秘☆恋愛法則
04 Dear you…
05 恋愛0キロメートル
06 Re-start!!
07 春色メロディ
08 恋ココロ
09 カラフル
10 Heart beat
11 夏恋
12 ふわり恋模様
13 君が好き
14 君に届けるstory
15 君との軌跡

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