BanG Dream!: Poppin’Party – Poppin’Dream! (17th Single)

BanG Dream! Poppin’Party 17thシングル「ぽっぴん’どりーむ!」
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Album/Single: Poppin’Party
Artist: Poppin’Party are Kasumi Toyama (CAST: Aimi), Tae Hanazono (CAST: Sae Otsuka), Rimi Ushigome (CAST: Rimi Nishimoto), Sāya Yamabuki (CAST: Ayaka Ohashi), Arisa Ichigaya (CAST: Ayasa Ito)
Genre: Anime
File Size:

Format: Mp3 / 320 Kbps
Release Date: Jan 05, 2022

M-01 – Anime Film “BanG Dream! the Movie Poppin’Dream!” Opening Theme
M-02 – Anime Film “BanG Dream! the Movie Poppin’Dream!” Ending Theme


01 ぽっぴん’どりーむ!
02 星の約束
03 イントロダクション
04 ぽっぴん’どりーむ! -instrumental-
05 星の約束 -instrumental-
06 イントロダクション -instrumental-

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