Birth:Re:verse Original Soundtrack (Tv Drama)

TBS kei Kinyou Drama “Reverse” Original Soundtrack

Album Name: Birth:Re:verse Original Soundtrack 
Genre: Soundtrack
File Size:
Mp3 / 320 kbps
Data Release:
07/06/2017  *  Catalog No.: UZCL-2111

“Reverse (TV Drama)” Original Soundtrack
TBS kei Kinyou Drama “Reverse” Original Soundtrack
Music Composed and Arranged by Masaru Yokoyama
Performer/Lyricist: Evan Call


01. Reverse
02. Snowstorm
03. The philosophy of life
04. ReBirth
05. From memory
06. Usual day
07. Forward
08. Wrongdoing
09. Wild fancy
10. Snow garden
11. Days gone by
12. Back page
13. Keep calm and carry on
14. Anyone cannot put back the clock
15. There is some doubt
16. Opposite
17. By your side
18. I fancy you
19. A roadside restaurant
20. Go wrong
21. Come back to haunt
22. The other side of the leaf
23. Lapse
24. Let somebody into the secret
25. By my side
26. The future is not set
27. The truth shall set you free
28. Blizzard


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