DOLLS’ FRONTLINE Character Songs Collection: ECHOES

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Title: DOLLS’ FRONTLINE Character Songs Collection: ECHOES
ドールズフロントライン Character Songs Collection 「ECHOES」

Genre: Game
File Size:

Format: Mp3 / 320 Kbps
Release Date: Aug 26, 2020

All Songs Produced by 90wish

M-01 – Performer: Five-seven (CV: Akane Fujita)
M-02 – Performer: SPAS-12 (CV: Miyuki Kobori)
M-03 – Performer: M4 SOPMOD II (CV: Yukari Tamura)
M-04 – Performer: ST AR-15 (CV: Emiri Kato)
M-05 – Performer: MDR (CV: Aimi)
M-06 – Performer: 416 (CV: Ai Nonaka) & Gr G11 (CV: Ayaka Fukuhara)
M-07 – Performer: AK-12 (CV: Azumi Waki)
M-08 – Performer: AN-94 (CV: Manami Numakura)
M-09 – Performer: 一〇〇式 (CV: Ai Kakuma)
M-10 – Performer: 416 (CV: Ai Nonaka)
M-11 – Performer: UMP45 (CV: Tomomi Mineuchi) & UMP40 (CV: Emi Uema)


01 ホントの作戦
02 Sweet♥Guardian
03 add ME
04 Hagane
05 【絶叫】Follow me★!!
06 Alles OK !
07 Волчий клык
08 Клятва
09 いざゆけ! 清く、かわゆく、美しく
10 Trigger
11 Clandestine Memory

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