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Heavy Object Original Soundtrack


Album Name: Heavy Object Original Soundtrack
Artist: Maiko Iuchi, Keiji Inai
Genre: Anime
File Size:
Mp3 / 320 kbps



01. Title Back ~ Beginning of the Proxy War
02. Damn it!
03. Daily Life of Buddy
04. 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion
05. The Decisive Battle
06. Pray for Comrade in Arms
07. That is the Style of Maintenance Soldiers
08. Yes! Ma’am!!!!
10. Just run!
11. Price of War
12. Flickering of War
13. The Snowy Deep Winter Battle of Alaska
14. Council of War
15. metronome
16. Without use there is no for no also no city –
17. Stiffened Heart
18. My Life Goal!?
19. “The Object is Not Absolute”
20. Seek your enemy
21. Footsteps of Military Shoes
22. Things to Come
23. Deep Cover Operation
24. Tom Thumb Runs
25. To the War Vortex
26. A Single Flower Blooming on the Battlefield
27. Go Heavy!
28. Anyway, let’s go
29. Eyecatch A
30. Eyecatch B
31. Eyecatch C
32. Eyecatch D
33. Love is One Two ~You Are a Monster~


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