Muv-Luv BASXI ver. – Minami Kuribayashi in BASXI –

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PCゲーム 『栗林みな実 in BASXI シングル「マブラヴ BASXI ver.」


Title: Muv-Luv BASXI ver. –
Artist: Minami Kuribayashi in BASXI – 
Genre: Game
File Size:

Format: FLAC
Release Date: Jul 26, 2002



01 Muv-Luv ~BASXI ver.~
02 Rumbling Hearts ~BASXI ver.~
04 Muv-Luv ~BASXI ver.~ (off vocal)
05 Rumbling Hearts ~BASXI ver.~ (off vocal)
06 HAPPY♥BIRTHDAY (off vocal)

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