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Re:Change ~Rewrite EDM Arrange Album~



Title: Re:Change ~Rewrite EDM Arrange Album~
Artist: V.A
Genre: Game
File Size:
Mp3 / 320 kbps
Release Date:
11/08/2017 * Catalog No.: KSLA-0140

Sold for the VA 2017 summer event at Akihabara Gamers Store from August 11 to September 3.

M-01 – Vocal: Runa Mizutani (NanosizeMir)
M-02 – Vocal: Runa Mizutani (NanosizeMir)
M-03 – Performer: PSYCHIC LOVER (YOFFY: Vocal & Chorus, IMAJO: Guitar)
M-04 – Vocal: Aoi Tada
M-05 – Vocal: Anri Kumaki
M-06 – Vocal: Aoi Tada
M-07 – Vocal: Aoi Tada
M-08 – Vocal: Runa Mizutani (NanosizeMir)
M-09 – Vocal: Maon Kurosaki
M-10 – Vocal: Maon Kurosaki


01. Philosophyz (Nizikawa Remix)
02. 闇の彼方へ (Shadowy DNB Remix)
03. Rewrite (The LASTTRAK Remix)
04. Harvest (taqumi Remix)
05. End of the World (LU-I Remix)
06. Word of Dawn (Halozy SMJ Remix)
07. おきらく☆きゅうさい (you Remix)
08. Instincts (Yuma vs. Tracy Remix)
09. Ignis Memory (MUZIK SERVANT vs Freezer Remix)
10. Last Desire (DJ Shimamura Remix)



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Ver 2: Mega / Mediafire / Userscloud


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