Rin’ca – Riririn’ (1st Album)

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Album/Single: Riririn’ 
Artist: Rin’ca
Genre: Game
File Size:

Format: Mp3 / 320 Kbps
Release Date: Feb 22, 2020

M01 – Original
M02 – PC Game “RENAI, KARICHAIMASHITA” Opening Theme
M03 – Flash/Web/Android Game “Bokura no Houkago Sensou! -AFTER SCHOOL WARS-” Theme Song
M04 – PC Game “Aibeya” Opening Theme
M05 – PC Game “D.S.i.F. -Dal Segno- in Future”
M06 – PC Game “D.S. -Dal Segno-” Opening Theme
M07 – PC Game “D.C. III ~Da Capo III~ Dream Days” Opening Theme 2
M08 – PC Game “Yurameku Kokoro ni Michita Sekai de, Kimi no Yume to Yokubou wa Kanau ka” Ending Theme
M09 – PC Game “aikano ~Yukisora no Triangle~” Opening Theme
M10 – PC Game “D.S.i.F. -Dal Segno- in Future” Insert Song
M11 – PC Game “Kimi to Mezameru Ikutsuka no Houhou” Ending Theme
M12 – PC Game “D.S.i.F. -Dal Segno- in Future” Insert Song


01 Only
02 君に届けるstory
03 Hello future world
04 5センチ
05 永遠の光へと
06 Pleasure garden
07 僕はキミでできている
08 未来予報
09 I,to you
10 奇跡のいたずら
11 Future one sparkle
12 奇跡メロディ

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