RWBY, Vol. 7 (Music from the Rooster Teeth Series)

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Artist: V.A
Genre: Anime
File Size:

Format: Mp3 / 320 Kbps
Release Date: Jul 31, 2020

M-01~11 – Soundtrack
M-12~37 – Score

M-01~04,06~07,09~11 – by Jeff Williams
M-05 – by Jeff Williams & Erin Reilly
M-08 – by Casey Lee Williams
M-11~37 – by Jeff Williams & Alex Abraham

M-01~02,05,08~09 – Casey Lee Williams
M-03 – Caleb Hyles
M-04 – Jeff Williams & Casey Lee Williams
M-06 – Casey Lee Williams, Adrienne Cowan, Erin Reilly & Dawn M. Bennett
M-07 – Casey Lee Williams, Santi C & Lamar Hall
M-10 – Casey Lee Williams & Videri String Quartet
M-11 – Casey Lee Williams & Adrienne Cowan 


01 Trust Love (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
02 Touch the Sky (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
03 Hero (feat. Caleb Hyles)
04 Brand New Day (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
05 Let’s Get Real (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
06 War (feat. Casey Lee Williams, Adrienne Cowan, Erin Reilly & Dawn M – Bennett)
07 Celebrate (feat. Casey Lee Williams, Santi C & Lamar Hall)
08 Until the End (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
09 Fear (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
10 I May Fall (Acoustic) [feat. Casey Lee Williams & Videri String Quartet]
11 Nevermore (Peter Jones Remix) [feat. Casey Lee Williams & Adrienne Cowan]
12 In the Shadow of Atlas
13 Protector of Mantle
14 Apprehended
15 A New Approach
16 We All Have Our Talents
17 Into the Mines
18 Enjoy the Cake
19 …And Eat It, Too
20 Six Possible Outcomes
21 The Sisters Schnee
22 Party Crashers
23 Looking Inward
24 Full-on Vigilante
25 Right Behind That Door
26 You Are Cordially Invited
27 Hey Mom, It’s Snowing!
28 Time to Do Our Jobs
29 Mantle Overrun
30 You Big Bag of Bones!
31 Free Ride and a Show
32 It Was Bait
33 Are You With Me?
34 …Then You Trained Us
35 The Timeline Has Changed
36 And I Refuse to Starve
37 The Enemy of Trust





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