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THE REFLECTION WAVE ONE – Original Soundtrack



Title: THE REFLECTION WAVE ONE – Original Sound Track 
Artist: 9nine
Genre: Anime
File Size:
Mp3 / 320 kbps

Data Release:
16/08/2017  *  Catalog No.: UMA-1095

Music by Trevor Horn
M-21 – Ending Theme
Performer: 9nine


01. Sky Show
02. Battle Begins
03. Reflection
04. Hear Them Come
05. In Chaos and Confusion
06. From On High
07. My Daily Life
08. Reflected
09. Peace in Blue
10. In a World of Unreason
11. I am Alone with Sadness
12. Loneliness and Solitude (Dialogue version)
13. Main Theme
14. Hear Them Come (Again)
15. Left in a Bleak and Desolate Land
16. The Transition
17. From Battle to Flight
18. The Future of Happiness
19. Greater Expectations
20. Reflection (Reprise)
21. SunSunSunrise (TV Edit)



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