Violet Evergarden VOCAL ALBUM Song letters


Violet Evergarden VOCAL ALBUM Song letters
TVアニメ『ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン』ボーカルアルバム Song letters

Genre: Anime
File Size:
Mp3 / 320 kbps
Release Date:
28/03/2017 * Catalog No.: LACA-15703

M-01 – Opening Theme
Performer: TRUE
M-02 – Ending Theme
Performer: Minori Chihara
M-03 – Episode 9 Special Ending Theme
Performer: Aira Yuuki
M-10~14 – PV Insert Song
M-10: Aira Yuuki
M-11: Kate Higgins
M-12: Michelle Michina
M-13: Freda Li
M-14: Kang Min-joo


01. Sincerely
02. みちしるべ
03. Believe in…
04. The Songstress Aria
05. Letter
06. 未来のひとへ
07. 女神の祈り -Requiem-
08. Honest Times
09. Lost child
10. Violet Snow (Original Ver.)
11. Violet Snow (America Ver.)
12. Violet Snow (France Ver.)
13. Violet Snow (China Ver.)
14. Violet Snow (Korea Ver.)

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